About Us

B & D Plumbing was founded in 2009 by brothers, Ben and Dan Johnson. They focus their business principles on quality workmanship and a high standard of customer service.
B & D Plumbing is the complete plumbing company. With such great diversity in the plumbing industry, B & D Plumbing has the expertise to cover it all: drainage, gas fitting, new home plumbing, maintenance and more.
B & D Plumbing operate one of the largest fleets in Melbourne and have a highly trained team to handle multiple volume builders or to solve any plumbing problem.



New Homes

B & D Plumbing set the benchmark when it comes to the volume new home building market. Whether you are building a multi million dollar, highly complex home, or a standard 4 bedroom, two bathroom home, B & D Plumbing will supply competitive pricing. We have the staff and equipment for high volume builders.




Our drainage teams are fully equipped for all of your drainage requirements:

  • Sewer
  • Stormwater
  • Retention Systems
  • Agricultural Systems




If you have any plumbing issue, on any scale, B & D Plumbing can help. No job is too big or too small. B & D Plumbing will always supply you with a price or estimate before work begins.

  • Sewer blockages
  • Broken pipes
  • Water renewals
  • Water leaks
  • Hot water service changeovers
  • Tapware and toilet changeovers
  • Gas line renewals
  • Gas leaks
  • Roof leaks



Solar Hot Water

The entire team at B & D Plumbing are highly trained in solar hot water installations. We have the capacity to cater for volume builders, whether a single panel or a full installation, B & D can cover it all.

Existing Homes: We can provide solar hot water conversion and explain the benefits of why solar hot water is cost effective for saving on both gas and electricity.



Specialty Services

We take pride in making sure everyone at B & D Plumbing are qualified to be complete plumbers in all areas.

We offer specialty services:

    • Bathroom/House renovations
    • Sewer and stormwater inspections via camera
    • Excavation Works:

– Site Cuts
– Large holes
– Dirt Removal
– Machine Hire

  • Large concrete rain water tank installs
  • Septic tank abolishment / Main sewer connections
  • Rock breaking
  • Concrete demolition/Removal


Rock Removal

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